The woman is atop the table

If you knew how important a decision that was, you wouldn't make it so lightly.

Many pupils bought the book.

He is guided

It is certain that he missed the train.

How long were you there?

Management will have all employees vote at the upcoming meeting.

I stayed home because I had a bad cold.

Do you like trips?

No matter how hard you try, you can't learn English in two or three months.

I told them all about you.

She made tea for me.

Chemistry is the study of matter.

I'm the crazy one.

He had few teeth.

I often feel extremely exhausted.

Do you like wonton soup?

He married a pretty girl.

Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

You should feel bad for her.

Let's break for lunch.

I work very little... I'd like to work more.

The teacher asked the students to practice the dialogue in pairs.

Are you going to the shop? Will you buy me a toy?

We had to remove your spleen.

Olivier felt like giving up.

I thought we weren't going to go there.

David helped himself to coffee.

I fear that the clients aren't happy.

The hero demonstrated that a man could have the ability to dominate nature to his uses.

I only hope Narendra succeeds.

I'm taking it seriously.

Maybe Sandip was hiding something.

Giotto made a close encounter with Comet Grigg-Skjellerup on July 10, 1992.

Ann's out cold.

I know you didn't want Moe going to jail.

Hey, you can't sleep there.

You must be Rolf and Aaron.

I was hoping we could help each other.

He felt a resentment against his uncle for taking him in.

I have to go the bathroom.

Can you remember how this all started?

We are not always at home on Sundays.

Please make me some tea.

Piete opened the office door.

That's where the treasure's buried.

It's nothing serious.

Emily is learning Danish, because she and her parents are going to Denmark this summer.

Just give me a few hours.

I have to watch a documentary.

I have to hang up.

Hurry up, and you'll catch the bus.

There's a place for us.

She's in the bathroom.

I usually don't lie.

I know you're working for us.

Kyle really cares about this stuff, doesn't he?

There are 20 stations along this route.

When the term "crusade" is used to refer to a noble quest, the groups who suffered from the original medieval crusades are not happy.

Could you take care of that?

Do you think your schooldays are the happiest days of your life?

I can't agree more.

Why should I be afraid of you?

He dropped out of college in the first year.

I usually have a glass of milk for breakfast.

Brenda was wearing a uniform.

Sal communicates extremely well.

He is just a child.

Dan didn't even finish the report.

Remembering when I dreamt in your arms.

Let's all go to Boston together.

How many hours do you plan to work next week?

The car left a cloud of dust behind it.

That incident changed their lives.

They didn't fool us.

What he says is very true.

It may be said that a man is known by the company he keeps.

It's all about technique.

I am not acquainted with him.

Rathnakumar gave me the answer I was expecting.

My computer is very slow.

Loukas could face life in prison.

I miss this so much.

We might not need to pay the full price.

Giovanni needs our help.

He's a charming man.

He can't tell fact from fiction.

I like baclava.

We must help.

Could you explain your previous statement?

Sunil left home.

Be courteous.

Lum poured himself cup of herbal tea.

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.

This is really humiliating.

I saw Lindsay kissing Jackye.

Face it, Cliff, Ima was right.

He can't help you.

Turn up the radio. I can't hear it.

My brother still depends on our parents for his living expenses.

It's been a long time.

I know them all.

He is always finding fault with me.

Do I have to open the window?

I know what you could've done.

You're back.

You've done it right.

Will you give Shamim this envelope?

A catastrophe has been averted.

We're a family and we love each other.

Female drivers are a constant danger.

I thought it was true.

I don't want to be disturbed until ten.

Maybe you're lying.

I forgot how beautiful this place was.

We're never going to find anything.

Everything appears to be going well.

He is his own master.

I told you to put it in the car.

My husband is in jail.

I'll call you first thing in the morning.

Open the door, please, will you?

It will burn.

I am looking forward to seeing you in this town.

Do you think Luis is good-looking?

Today, at midday, we shall eat cherries from Italy.

I have visited Kyoto before.

He is the man we were talking about.

Marcia works at the best salon in town.

I may be able to answer that.

You can't make us stop.

He went to Italy with a view to studying literature.

I think Bea should stay away.

It's game night.

They dated just for a year.

It's so muggy; I think it will thunder in a short while.

I think Caroline understands all that.

Just what have you done? Aren't you also my friend?

What was he doing exactly?

I thought it was fun.

Children say such stupid things.

Winnie sent a note to Archie.

That's absolutely wrong.

He is said to have won the speech contest last month.

They're at the bar drinking.

He died suddenly.

The incident sowed the seeds of the war.

I'm parked around back.

I'm also interested in Greek mythology.

Sabrina felt the urge to run away.

Languages are like muscles. If you don't use them regularly, you will lose them.

This shouldn't have happened.

Jelske has agreed to do as you suggested.

When I tried to set the glass down in the sink my hand slipped and it shattered to pieces.

He stayed at the hotel for two days.

She fell hard for him.

I'm having problems with her.

Polly told me he was going to be on the road until next Monday.

Am I making you nervous?

It'll be summer vacation soon.

I used to respect you.

Ronni accused John of falsifying the results.

Leila is a very selfish person.

Eduardo would never lie to me.

We got involved in a traffic accident.

I think there's somebody in the next room.

I believe that the boy is honest.

I thought you had learned that by now.

If you try at all, you should try your best.

What are you getting so upset about?

I tried to keep in with her in vain.

I will never smoke.

They were seated at the table in a restaurant.

Nothing is as expensive as what one does in vain.

And then very strange things began to happen.

What would you do if another war occurred?

Hunter and Kevan know about it.

We will leave as soon as he comes.

Can we meet February 28, around 3:00 pm?

Lorraine walked through the metal detector.

The facts don't correspond with your assumption.

You might as well come in.

I have to learn how to shoot.

It's not just Sabrina's problem.

Did you lock the door?

She has large interests in the car industry.

That quarrel distanced him from his father.

What time does that play start?

It might not work.

Why don't you follow his example?

Do you have to do this right now?

The place was totally deserted.

There's nothing we can do but wait.

"I'm going to see your father today, about career counselling." "You don't need to bother with that."

There was a stack of newspapers in the corner of the room.

This company has a female CEO.

He was ashamed of his ignorance.

Shannon is doing quite well.

I thrust my hand into my pocket.

You forgot to warn us not to drink the water.